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Right Fit Recruitment Inc brings the best value and right talent to your firm with lower finder fees than other recruitment firms. We charge 13-15 percent for exclusive rates and 15-20 % for non exclusive rates for permanent recruiting. Our competitors are charging 20-30 %. As for our temp recruitment, we will be placing our contractors ( our employees) at your company and charge you a markup. With our extensive connections and network, success proven track record, applicant tracking system, high level search by our recruiters, guarantee hire agreement; we can assure you that we will grow your organization with the right employee. Let us handle your hiring process.

Santosh Booluck

Recruitment Lead

Santosh is currently the recruitment lead at Right Fit Recruitment Inc where the team is delivering tremendous value to their clients. Businesses come to Right Fit Recruitment Inc to build their winning teams in Canada and the US.

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1) Permanent Recruitment      2) Temp Staffing

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  • Avi ( Santosh) is one of those individuals who delivers upon his promise, in fact he over delivers. His recruiting efforts have been exemplary which has resulted in some fabulous people joining our company. Thanks Avi!

    Christian C, CEO of Thirdstream.ca ( Leading fintech firm in Canada)
  • It was a true pleasure to work with Santosh for one of my sales position. He is one of the most hard worker that I had the opportunity to work with. He loves what he does and has the interpersonal and management skills to do his work with ease. I would recommend his services to companies who are seeking to fill permanent positions. Thank you Santosh for presenting perfect FIT to our company and for your beautiful personality! Looking forward to work with you soon!

    Amanie G, Talent acquisition specialist at ADT Canada Inc ( Leading security company and multi million dollar corporation in Canada )
  • Over the past one month, I have had the opportunity to work with Santosh to find a job for me. Santosh is very positive and an intelligent person. And a very pleasant person to communicate with. His knowledge and information about the prospective employer made my interviews process smooth and easy. I am enjoying my new position, thank you Santosh.

    Daniyal ( Candidate placed)
  • Santosh helped me a lot during my job search when i moved to Vancouver, B.C – a time where I needed as much help and guidance as possible in finding a full time role. Santosh is a great professional extremely committed and knowledgeable. He manages to turn the recruitment process in such a pleasant experience taking the pressure away from job seekers allowing them to focus completely on the opportunities at hand. Santosh also restored my faith in recruitment companies and I found him really polite and also felt as though he tried his best to help me whenever I needed it. I have recommended him to many friends and colleagues.

    Kaina A, Site Superintendent at Vesta properties ( Candidate)
  • Right Fit Recruitment Inc sourced and delivered an excellent account executive for our team who had years of experience in the same industry. He was responsible for revenue generation and managing new accounts- he surpassed expectations during his first year at our company. With their low recruitment fees, work ethic and integrity, Right Fit Recruitment Inc. made it possible for our company to have this best talent.

    Dhruv Baznath- Pyramid Consulting Group
    Pyramid consulting group